George Tsakiris created the first production unit of potato snacks, at the basement of his house in Athens.

The equipment used was very simple, potatoes were cut by hand and chips were fried in a small coal fryer.

Potato chips were packaged and placed by hand in transparent bags. G. Tsakiris distributed the prepared potato chip to nearby open-air cinemas and bakeries on foot.


Tsakiris Chips workshop is transferred to a larger place in Metaxourgio and distribution is done by bike.

By the end of the decade, demand is increased and the laboratory moved to Gkazi. Production process is done in specific stages and Tsakiris products are now available in kiosks.


At the same time a new product is being launched: sticks that become instantly a best seller.


The company moved in Taurus (Athens) and gradually improved production process.


Atalanti’s plant is created, with new, modern and automated equipment that operates under strict hygiene and safety conditions.


Tsakiris Chips packaging is renewed and relaunched in the market.


Tsakiris Chips S.A. is acquired by Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon.


Tsak’s series is added to the portfolio in three shapes.


“Creations” series is launched, with thicker chip fillet, in Mediterranean flavors, Salt, Pesto and Sundried Tomato.


Tsakiris Chips Naxos & Nevrokopi are launched as chips of limited production, with fine potatoes from their respective locations.


“Greek Flavours’’ line is launched and awarded with the title “Product of the Year 2013”.


Tsakiris innovative sub brand, “Misa Misa”, is launched.


Tsakiris Trypato is launched which is a product with unique shape, extra crunchy texture and thick chip fillet.


On 29th of October Tsakiris SA & Coca-Cola HBC Greece SAIC are merged, with the absorption of Tsakiris SA from Coca-Cola HBC Greece SAIC.